The Lives We Impact


We have learned many new things attending DSS and most definitely had fun! DSS isn't just a program, it's like a second family and that's the amazing thing about it.  I can be myself and nobody will judge me.  DSS not only helped me become a good student by teaching me new and amazing things, but also helped me to become a better person. 

                          Lenzy Xelhua-Ledezma

                          DSS Club Member

The DSS Community Center is extremely important to me because we all have fun and learn together as a family, we do not exclude anyone.  One thing I really like about the DSS Community Center is how diverse it is.  The majority of us are minority and personally, I think it's a great thing.  DSS is beneficial to my life because we do not only have fun, but we also learn by including educational activities during the day.  For example, Mrs Felicia started a science club with students from UW-Madison.  We learned about chemical reactions and codes people use in games and other things.  Every since this program started, I have absolutely loved it.  We all thank you dearly for the great things you have done for us, we are eternally grateful.

                                             Marjorie Cosme

                                             DSS Club Member

DSS Community Center was founded September 2012 by, Felicia Anderson Davis,  Felicia named the community center after the initials of her three children.  Felicia has been an entrepreneur since 2004.  Her history includes Implementing and Directing a family child care business, program design and budgeting, non=profit: start=up and  management, grant writing and Community Center Director.