Brentwood After School Programs

After School Programs include an enriching and safe environment for students in grades 6th-10 to engage in Educational activities during out of school times. All program are provided for free through DSS.  The program includes;

STUDY HALL provides the time, place and assistance to ensure children complete their homework effectively and correctly.  Students are provided access to computers and help with homework as needed.

CLUB HOUR during club hour youth have the option to participate in culinary arts or talking circles where we discuss different topics that the students choose (bullying, drugs, future goals, homelessness, etc.).

REC TIME supports social skill development, provides access to computers, games and open gym.  Students are also provided dinner.

STEMbuds Science Club

STEMbuds SCIENCE CLUB takes place in collaboration with UW Madison STEMbud outreach program.   STEMbuds encourages children to communicate and think scientifically; interactive, investigative, with hands-on experiments and activities; thematic units focused on Earth, Life, Physical Sciences and more interdisciplinary connections with math, reading and the creative arts.  Through peer mentoring, college students and their paired middle school mentee will engage in science based activities both designed and lead by STEMbuddy mentors or participate in activities lead by 3rd party providers.

Brentwood Community Garden Program is located behind Brentwood's low=income, temporary housing area.  The program aims to increase food security and community development while providing youth employment opportunities and enhancing their employment experience and knowledge.  The program includes community gardening plots for residents in the community in order to enhance opportunities for community engagement. 

Brentwood Community Garden